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Hi and welcome to Paradise Marketing Online website! We are excited and glad to have you here! My name is Paul and I’m the owner of this website. My wife and I are full-time Christian Missionaries serving in Thailand.

Through our ministry career, we have been experiencing and seeing the globalization with the advancement of the knowledge, science, and technology, which is abruptly affecting the lives of so many people around the world, leaving them no hope but only to fall prey to the standard of the world.

We were urged to set up this website so that we can help our fellow online christians community and those who are searching for hope and meaning in life, to find the true purposes and meaning of living in this world by using some of the valuable resources we ought to provide.

Our aim of setting up this website is to affiliate with the other established Christian online businesses and organization and to avail all the products, goods and services, that are available and relevant to the Christian community, targeting relevant issues that are affecting the lives of Christians.

We are sharing to assist the online Christian community to have access to quality information, products, and services that are relevant to enrich the Christian faith and journey in this world.

On this site, you will find varieties of products and services and resources from varying Christian affiliates, which we highly recommend for the consumption of the online Christian community.

We assure you positive influences and changes in your personal life, marriage life, and family, and career life, that you may live an effective and successful Christian life in this sinful world by consuming resources offered on this site.

Our Experiences

We recently moved to Thailand. Over the years of our service as Christian Missionaries, we experienced and adjust to many changes. We can not reverse changes.

Many changes are happening to satisfy and suit the living standard of the word. But we Christians have the ability to adjust and make it better. If we become the spectators to the changes, it will overpower us and consume our lives.

We want to help share the resources with the other online Christian Community.

We have committed our lives to involve in the service of the LORD and to share the love of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone everywhere the LORD is leading us. Seeing and realizing the need of our online Christian Community, we took the challenge to continue to share what we are called to do with the online community.

We want to help young people to make marry and begin their family in the Christian way. We share resources to help those who are trapped in addictions; addictions to pornography and drugs and others you name it, how to find freedom and to find true meaning and purposes for their lives.

We share resources on this platform that establishes and strengthens marriage life, parenting and uphold Christian family values. We provide Christian based Education resources for those Christian families and individuals who are planning to start up homeschooling with their children.

On this site you will find great Christian based resources targetting to help children who are hooked up to computer games and movies. There are many more that you can explore by yourself.

The Goal of our Site

The goal of this site is to provide all the valuable products, and relevant and resourceful information available online for the benefit of our online Christian community. This site is purposely built for Christian consumption.

If you are a non-Christian visiting this site, we welcome you safe browsing with some of the life-changing resources and products that are beneficial to your life.

Thank you.


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