How Can I Make Money Online from home? – Start Making Money Online with One of the Best Online Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Hi and welcome to learning what’s inside OEC Courses at Wealthy Affiliate!

This is article No.2 of revealing what’s inside OEC Level 1 course at Wealthy Affiliate. In my first article I have covered the introduction part of the courses and the background info of founders of Wealthy Affiliate to help you understand the legitimacy of this affiliate marketing and training platform to help you to make better choice. Follow the link, to learn more about article No.1 of OEC Level 1.

In this second article, we will focus on answering the following two questions:

1. Can I make money online from home?

2. How can I make money online from home?

The topic of the second lesson on OEC level 1 course is, ‘Understanding How to Make Money Online’. Revealing some of the contents within this lesson will answer two questions that we want to focus. Let us begin by looking at some of the things that make Wealthy Affiliate as one of the best affiliate training and marketing platform.

What makes Wealthy Affiliate to be one of the best affiliate marketing platform.

1. Cost:

The low cost of web hosting, training and support is unimaginably incomparable and yet WA is providing 100% fully secured hosting of websites. Premium members at WA are eligible to the value of the free hosting of up to 25 websites, that can boost your online business like you have never imagined. This is a huge savings compared to what you would pay anywhere else. Starter members are eligible to free hosting with up to 5 websites and some free training.

2. Training:

WA provides best training programs suitable for all levels of online marketers. The training are simplified and progressive leading to reaching the goals and  absolute success. Wealthy Affiliate provides every training you needed to become a successful online entrepreneur within few months or a year instead.

The knowledge, skills, and accomplishments you would gain and accomplish at Wealthy Affiliate is equivalent to four years degree at any university. You would only spend less than 10% of what you would expect to spend at the university and colleges if you are pursuing to be an online entrepreneur. So we call it The Wealthy Affiliate University.

3. Support:

WA community offers amazing support and guidance 24/7. Someone at the community is always there to support and help you out when you are not sure of things. And there are tones of community blog posts and video tutorials that you can freely access instantly as a premium member to get help.

The outstanding technical support provided at WA keeps your website 100% plus secure and up-to-date, which comes with high price tags elsewhere. You can still survive at WA even if you are not a technical expert and eventually meet your success online.

4. Perfect for All Levels of People.

Wealthy Affiliate Online learning and marketing platform is perfectly suitable for all levels of people. The learning and affiliate marketing environment is set up to suit very ordinary people without any experience in online marketing, and technical knowledge and skills about internet.

All you need to do is to begin the training and each lesson will help you to understand and accomplish tasks progressively toward reaching your financial goals and success.You can be a full time or a part time employed or an unemployed or a student, you can still become successful by following the online training programs offered at WA.

One good thing about online affiliate marketing is, you can learn and work from anywhere and enjoy your earnings anytime.

Can I Make Money Online from Home? Make Money Online from Home and Anywhere with Wealthy Affiliate.

Can I Make Money Online from Home? It’s an absolute YES! Research revealed that one in every four people in America are making from online economy. These people are using their personal computer, and other devices and connect to the internet, and make money. They are using internet to find extra work.

The nature of work that can be found on the internet can widely be varied and the nature of the work determines its complexity. The income earns on the internet can come in many forms.

Let’s discuss how you can become successful in Online Affiliate Marketing at Wealthy Affiliate. And I encourage you to signup your free account at wealthy affiliate here, if you are willing to learn and make money online at the same time from home or anywhere.

Wealthy affiliate has over 100, 000 active members and is growing every day. These members are experiencing multiple streams of income through this online training and marketing platform. At Wealthy Affiliate you can make money,

  1. from within WA community platform itself, and
  2. through other affiliate programs and eCommerce outside of WA community platform.

The benefits of doing online affiliate marketing will lead to a meaningful career and experiencing life of financial freedom. The extra income earned online through your affiliate marketing can help you to makeup for shortages in your budget.

Once you get into online business at WA, you will feel that you have something to do and it will be fun and engaging at the same time and will keep you away from unnecessary online engagements.

How can I make Money from Home at Wealthy Affiliate?

It is absolutely possible beyond doubt to make money online from home or anywhere when you join Wealthy Affiliate online marketing platform. At Wealthy Affiliate, you will be provided with training and tasks to accomplish at your own time and at your own phase. It is a great affiliate marketing platform which allows you to learn, apply, and earn while in the process of accomplishing learning tasks.

Let’s consider ways to earn at Wealthy Affiliate:

1. Referral Earnings at Wealthy Affiliate

At WA you can earn $11.25 monthly per your referral as a free member without spending a dollar or by using your credit cards. It is absolutely free earning as a free starter member at WA. A Premium member at WA can earn up to $22.50 per referral. Those amount recur each month. Look at the details below.

2. Share Any Content and Make Money at Wealthy Affiliate.

At Wealthy Affiliate, members are allowed to share freely tones of training, tutorial, video, blog post, and other info that is shareable and make money using your own shareable links at Wealthy Affiliate.

Read here, how to share them. If you are not a good writer, don’t you worry. You simply login to your WA account. Click the share buttons, copy your own unique affiliate link and share on your social network or email the page to your friends and get full lifetime referral credit for that post.

3. Create Your Own Training and Make Money at Wealthy Affiliate.

As a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, after three months of your training program you will be qualified to create your own training programs for WA community and get paid once of twice per month. These payment can grow over time depending on interaction with tutorials. There are other earnings within wealthy affiliate community platform, which I will discuss in details in other articles.

Understanding How to Make Money Online

Before calculating how much money you wanted to make online, at WA it is very important to understand how to make money online.

Once you get into online affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn and understand many ways to making money online. Many affiliate marketers, especially beginners, are distracted by latest hot products and services from building a successful business online.

Wealthy Affiliate has taught one of the most powerful and fundamental processes of generating revenue online. It is a proven process that is currently used by over 100,000 members of Wealthy Affiliate.

It is the ultimate money-making process at WA, which I will summarize below. This process will connect you to untapped opportunities to make money in the massive online world that you had never thought about.

How Do I Make Money at Wealthy Affiliate?

At Wealthy Affiliate, MAKING (EARN) MONEY is considered the end result of the processes and it shouldn’t become the focus from the beginning. Before money comes into your account, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you the following process:

  1. Set up your financial goals.
  2. Create your niche website(s).
  3. Publish niche-focused key-word rich content.
  4. Get traffic to your website.
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Website(s) makes money

Making money doesn’t simply happen at online affiliate marketing. There is no such thing as INSTANT CASH online! At WA, you have to learn it, understand and apply, and you EARN IT. In my next article, I will explain the process of making money above in detail.

In this article we have focused on making money online at Wealthy Affiliate by looking at the following question: How Can I Make Money Online from home? I encourage you to sign up with one of the best online affiliate marketing training platform in the world today. Start learning and making money online with Wealthy Affiliate.

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  1. Hello and thank you for this informative article. I just become a member recently and I love every second of my journey. I mostly enjoy the friendly community. So many help and many useful articles and trainings can be found on this website. Affiliate marketing is number 1 way of making money online and Wealthy Affiliate gives you the basics and lets you in a journey called affiliate marketing.

    Thank you for this wonnderful article. I love your website btw.


    1. Hi Strahinja.

      You are absolutely right by saying that affiliate marketing is the number one way of making money online and that is what wealthy affiliate community is doing to it 100,000 plus members. Thank you for complementing my website. 

      If you have any question, feel free to leave on the comment section below. 

  2. Can I make money with Free Starter Membership? Overall great review about wealthy affiliate. I have read your post carefully and I love it very much. I have clarified that wealthy affiliate is the best online business platform for a starter. so many good features an alluring offer. Simple terms and condition and easy to start.  I am so much interested and highly recommended. Thanks for the post.

    1. Answer to your questions is, absolute YES. Your might wonder how can you make money with free starter membership? Your can simply make money through REFERRAL PROGRAM at WA. 

      If your referral upgrades his membership within the first 7 days to a monthly membership, you will earn $4, after that your recurring commission will be $11.75.

      If your referral upgrades after the first 7 days, you will earn monthly recurring commission of $11.75.

      If your referral upgrades to an annual membership, you will earn $87.50 in a year for just one referral.

      Jafor, if you haven’t join premium membership, I would encourage your to consider that because there are so much at WA a premium member can benefit.

  3. First let me congratulate you for building a website with such lofty goals.Your background and faith helps me trust your  presentation.Your graphics and visual images are a very good motivation for joining your program.I understand all the benefits offered by Wealthy Affiliate that you describe, and agree that in this era of globalization it is possible to make money online from anywhere in the world;Thailand or the USA, it does not matter where you live.We are all connected through the internet 24/7.In addition to the training the help from the Wealthy Affiliate community,as you present it so well, is very important.One way to make money that you describe interests me very much.I am not a good writer so the opportunity to make money by sharing posts written by other members of Wealthy Affiliate is intriguing.Please explain in further detail. 

    1. Hi Carlos,

      First, let me thank you for complementing my website. I think I need to adjust it to make it more appealing to stick around. The unique think about WA is you can make money within WA community itself and outside through your affiliate links eCommerce or there are tonnes of others ways your can earn online.

      Yeah through one of the video tutorials, Kyle focus on HOW TO SHARE CONTENT AND EARN AT WEALTHY AFFILIATE. You can follow the link here to go through the video tutorial to learn more.  

  4. Good description of the OEC courses in Wealthy Affiliate.  The free hosting, websites, training and support are most definitely some of the best in the industry for a very reasonable cost.

    What I like best of Wealthy Affiliate is that it is helpful for people at any level of experience in online marketing.  There is just so much good value where a person can learn and progress at a steady pace.

    It is ideal that you can make money as a WA affiliate as well as use the WA platform to earn money from other services and products as well.  It takes time to learn the ins and outs of online marketing but all the information and support is here.

    Much appreciate your well-written description of the benefits of WA.

    1. Joseph, I agree with you by saying that at wealthy affiliate community a person can learn everything and anything about online marketing and the amazing thing is the support one can get here. Would you like to tell us a little background about your experience at wealthy affiliate?

  5. I thought your website, Paradise Marketing, has a nice catchy name to it, and it is well laid out and I like your Logo. I thought you were very detail in discussing Wealthy Affiliate and the way you are promoting it.  The post is very detailed and you go over each and every phase of Wealthy Affiliate and what it has to offer in both the Starter Membership and the Premium Membership.  

    I also like how you promote other company’s ads on your website.  Your website is very impressive.

    1. Danny, really appreciate your complement on the look of my website. Being a newbie and started at WA as from zero level of doing such. It is encouraging to read comment from viewers. How long have you been around here at wealthy affiliate? If you have any other suggestion to improve the look of my site, feel free to leave your comments below.

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