Play worship guitar review

Play Worship Guitar Review – Learn from Aron Anastasi, One of the Very Experienced Worship Guitarists and Lead Worshipers.


We can change the atmosphere of our worship place with sound from a piece of music that we play from a particular instrument. In order to play every worship song with confidence and like a pro, it’s wise to learn from practically experienced Christian musician.

One of such person is Aaron Anastasi, which in this article, I will review his online Christian Guitar Lesson program called Play Worship Guitar. In this Play Worship Guitar Review, we will be looking at the following:

  • Overall Rank of Play Worship Guitar ProgramPlay worship guitar review
  • Brief Description of Play Worship Guitar
  • Pros & Cons of Play Worship Guitar
  • Price of Play Worship Guitar Program
  • Guarantee
  • Specification of Play Worship Guitar Program

Overall Rank of Play Worship Guitar Program

The A-Z step-by-step guide to learning to play worship guitar has proven 85% faster than traditional methods of learning guitar. This step-by-step step methods makes it very easy for any beginners.

What every beginner need to know to start playing guitar and worship songs is assured success in days rather than months or years. That make this guitar learning program, one of the best worship guitar learning program for aspiring Christian musicians.

Description – Play Worship Guitar

PWG is a guitar learning program specifically designed to learn guitar to play worship songs. The PWG program was put together by a very dedicated and well experienced worship guitarist and worship leader for well over twenty years of experiences in worship and music ministry.

Aaron, during his christian music ministry, many people approached him and asked Aaron to teach them to play the songs that he played at the church. After teaching privately for a while, Aaron became fully aware of his potential music and so he began to teach his system of learning guitar and worship songs through online teaching.

This learning system comprises a step-by-step guitar learning program developed for aspiring Christian guitarists. PWG program was designed for the learners to play the actuals rather than spending many hours learning and practicing scales.

The PWG program also has follow-along video lessons where learners can easily learn guitar and worship songs. The video lessons show:

    • what chords to play,
    • how to hold the chords,
    • how to strum the guitar and keep good rhythm,
    • how to do simple but cool guitar trick.

Pros & Cons of Play Worship Guitar

The PWG sounds cool, right!? Well, Let’s not make any quick conclusion! Let us look at the pros and the cons of PWG.


  • a complete step-by-step and easy to learn and beginners friendly.
  • perfect for learners who wants to learn to play worship songs.
  • simple to follow along and learn videos
  • Start to play guitar and worship songs in days and not months or worship guitar review
  • background musical knowledge is not required
  • Do not need to read music.
  • no prior guitar experience is required.
  • Learn guitar at your own phase anytime and anywhere.
  • Having access to learning program 24 hours and 7 days a week.
  • Learning new worship song every month.
  • members have free and unlimited access to other resources and support available.
  • 6 bonuses worth $100+.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Free trial.


  • Unable to read musical notes
  • not suitable for aspiring secular guitarist.
  • Can not monitor learning progress
  • Can not assess the learning
  • suitable only to those who own PC, iPhone or iTab.

Price of Play Worship Guitar Program

The PWG does not require you to pay to start learning. To start you with the risk free learning, it puts together a simple and risk-free 21 day trial learning offers for $1, ” try first, decide later”.

This risk-free offer get you full access to the entire course for 21 days to let you see for yourself how much PWG program will help you learn guitar and play worship songs.

If you decide to continue after your 21 day trial learning, you will continue to receive great guitar lessons, worship song lessons, and more for as low as $17 a month. You can cancel anytime.

6 cool bonuses.

Play worship guitar review

Guarantee (YES, NO)

It’s a big YES! You are 100% money back guaranteed within the sixty days of your learning program. If a learner feels unsatisfied with the Play Worship Guitar program and would like to cancel the program is allowed freely to do so at anytime.

That also applies to, if for any other reasons you can cancel and get you money back, but you will still benefit from the PWG program for lifetime for free.

Specifications of Play Worship Guitar Program

The feathers of Play worship Guitar is very simple and easy to follow and you will never be lost.

Play worship guitar reviewIn this Play Worship Guitar Review help you to be in a better position to chose a program that worth you money if you are an aspiring Christian guitarist.

Anyone can learn how to effectively play any popular worship songs with their guitar with the Play Worship Guitar program. You can learn more from Aron Anastasi himself, the best worship guitarist and lead worshiper here.

4 thoughts on “Play Worship Guitar Review – Learn from Aron Anastasi, One of the Very Experienced Worship Guitarists and Lead Worshipers.”

  1. Hey Paul,

    thanks for introducing to this wonderful online course to learn guitar.  Play worship Guitar sounds a great programe for music lovers and especially who want to learn Guitar.

    Well the program claims to teach Guitar in 30 days, is it really possible to learn in 30 days, I am asking because I really don’t know anything about playing  guitar, though I  was used to play Sitar:)

    I really don’t know why you mention in cons of the program as  this program available only on those who own PC, iPhone or i Tab.  this program is Online program so I think it is supposed to available through above mediums.


    1. Hi Shubhangi,

      In fact you shouldn’t have any problem learning to play guitar with the Play Worship guitar program because its 100% beginners friendly. You may struggle couple of times with the movement of your fingers and when you get used to it, this program was designed to get you into the playing of worship songs. yes, it’s online lesson and its only used with the devices that you pointed out above.

  2. Actually, this is a great offer.  

    Just $1 to gain full access; to see for myself if it’s something I can work with and if I can commit to it.  And only $17/monthly for music lessons.  That’s a bargain.  

    And it doesn’t matter that the music is not secular.  The basic principles of chords are the same.  Just get the basics and then apply it to any tune you like … channel your inner Jimmy Hendricks!

    At this price, I can afford to gift it to a niece/nephew for Christmas.

    Thank you for the offer.

    1. Thanks Cath,

      Yeah, it’s a great offer for aspiring Christian guitarist. The thing I like is it’s beginner friendly. And I believe it will make a perfect Christmas gift for your niece/nephew.

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