Affiliate Marketing Resources and Tools – Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Course Level 1.1.

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    1. Are you searching for a legitimate site or online platform to receive quality training plus up-to-date technical support and information to become a successful online entrepreneur? 
    2. Do you know that you can absolutely get free training and build your free website and begin to make money without using your credit card?

In my series of articles I wanted to share and expose the training programs and courses offered at one of the best affiliate marketing training programs, which I am currently a member. I will take you through series of articles highlighting important elements and secrets of achieving success with your  online affiliate training and marketing.

My articles will be focusing on the following Course Levels on Online Entrepreneur Certification courses and training offered at Wealthy Affiliate. The purpose of this series of articles is to expose key principles and elements that are taught to share with the online marketing community.

This article will highlight important elements of online marketing from OEC – Getting Started Level 1 lesson 1 notes. 

The OEC is a 5 phase series of courses with a total of 50 lessons with total of 165 must-get-the-work-done tasks.


Getting Started.

Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website.

Making Money.

Mastering Social Engagement.

Achieving Maximum Success through Content Creation.


Wealthy Affiliate OEC  Course Level 1.1 – Welcome and Introduction.

Just like any other training program in any learning environment, the trainers of the program begins with welcome and introduction notes. Level 1 course has 10 progressive lessons and is available free to all members who join Wealthy Affiliate.

This part of the lesson helps you to learn about the authors and founders of Wealthy Affiliate. In any learning environment, we want to make conscious decision by learning every detail about the program and the background information about the training programs and studies that we are in-pursuit to take online. 

We can not trust all the online institutions, because internet is filled with online scammers, and cheaters who promise sweet talks with sugar and honey coated words of making fast money like they are going to take you to the ATM to pull out instant cash.

I prefer Wealthy Affiliate as one of the best online affiliate marketing program. I started at WA with zero level of knowledge and skills in online business space.  In the process of learning and applying what I have learned, after four months, I began to make money online. It gave me confidence to learn more and do better. 

The founders and their associates are very transparent and honest and very supportive with the training programs. They exhaust their skills and knowledge and ability with their capability in making sure that every member that joins this training program become a successful online entrepreneur.

At WA Community platform you will realized that they are the most respected people. Over tens of thousands of people expressed that through their success stories on their personal blog posts within the platform that they could not find enough words to thank Kyle and Carson for making successful in their online businesses through Wealthy Affiliate. 

Below I will briefly introduce you the founders of this amazing online affiliate marketing university. Read on to find out more.

OEC Getting Started Level 1 Lesson 1 – Meet the Founders.

Below I pasted the screen shot of the founders of the OEC program at WA. They are the main people backed up by their very effective technical and support team that builds up one of the fastest growing and very effective online affiliate training and marketing community. To privately chat with them to know more about WA, follow this link.

Kyle and Carson are co-founders and co-owners of the affiliate training program. Kyle develops simple step-by-step training that are beginners friendly and easy to learn to accomplish tasks without requiring necessary technical skills. That means you can absolutely start from the zero level of online marketing skills and websites building by following through his step-by-step training. 

Carson is working more closely with the technical team of over 25 staff. Both of them are very active with the affiliate community every day and making sure every member reached financial success out from their program.

The general principle of this affiliate community is, Learning to apply and apply to earn. There is no place for cheaters and scammers at WA. For example, Nigerians are not allowed to join this program due to scamming repetitions.

This affiliate learning and marketing platform is made up of community of people with one thing in their minds are to succeed in their online business and they are supporting and helping each other to reach that goal. 

Kyle’s Role.

Kyle walks every member through each lesson in each level progressively with video tutorials and tasks at the end of each lesson. The lesson are brilliantly designed each lesson in such a way that learners have to master each lesson within every level of OEC before moving on to the next level. He manages finance and billings at WA.

In order to master each lesson, he develops simple tasks to make sure that you are ready to move on to the next lesson and level of training. Every lesson are like a piece that needs to put together to make a complete puzzle of reaching your goals and becoming successful. Below is a cut-and-paste from Kyle’s bio. You can click here to read more about Kyle.






Carson’s Role

Carson is online everyday just as Kyle but not very interactive with the affiliate members at the community when he is busy with his technical team. The lesson are manages the services offered by the WA platform. But he committed himself to be available on line every day and willing to chat live, discusses specific technical issues members are facing.

You can read more about Carson here. Carson and his technical team of experts are working around the clock to make sure that you have the best and secure online affiliate marketing experience with 100% technical and community support.




A Quick Look at What You Will Be Learning in OEC Level 1.1.

Your very first lesson will point you to learn four important steps toward creating success online. These four steps are foundation and core to achieving success on any online business. These are the fundamentals that are applied and taught at WA community throughout its training programs.

What Makes Wealthy Affiliate OEC One of the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program?


This is my first article of articles that I will write focusing the lessons in each of the level to help you to understand about the lesson course that are part of Online Entrepreneur Certification. 

Following through my article will also guide you toward creating a successful online business that earns you income. The level 1 lessons will help you find out your true potential as an online entrepreneur and will establish your focus.

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12 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Resources and Tools – Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Course Level 1.1.”

  1. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for year and really love the training offered inside this program. Affiliate Bootcamp and Online Entrepreneur Certification are simply superb. But the best that I like is the weekly live webinar by Jay. Sometimes, he’s just so hilarious. How long have you been a member, may I ask? 

    1. Thanks for asking. I have recently joined. And I’m in the fourth month. As I am progressively learning I also wanted to write about what I am learning. It’s encouraging to hear from a person who has a year of experience at WA community. I am still on OEC and haven’t tried BootCamp yet. Watched few times review of live webinar by Jay. How was your experience with Boot Camps?

  2. Wealthy affiliate is a platform like no other. Since I joined just under 3 months ago, I have learned a lot about affiliate marketing and have made huge progress. I must say Kyle and Carson have made a big difference in my life already for the short time I have been in their platform. Before wealthy affiliate, I had lost a lot of money through scams on Facebook as well as buying in many products that never worked for me.I can say with no doubt whatsoever that wealthy affiliate id the best platform I would recommend anyone that is looking to make money on the internet.Thanks for sharing this opportunity to the world.Best regards

    1. Yes, what you are saying is correct. If you have tasted scammers out there already and experienced being victimized by their scams and compare with what Wealthy Affiliate is offering, you surely differentiate well and be thankful that you have found a legit affiliate online marketing program to learn and make money at the same time. How many times have you been scammed before joining wealthy affiliate?

  3. Am awealty affiliate member for almost 3 months. Wealthy affiliate is the best online programme for the people interested to make money online. Thank you for recommending this program to the new comers on the internet world. I have a website that I build using wealthy affiliate programme and it is successful. Thanks

    1. Yes, it’s very new to many people. Thanks for confirming that. I am here for four months now. And I see that WA is a legit online marketing platform. Have your tried any other affiliate marketing before joining Wealthy Affiliate?

  4. You have described in detail what is presented in Lesson 1.However it would be helpful to provide more details on what you will be presenting in future articles.I think that two of the main advantages of Wealthy Affiliate should be highlighted in every article.First the amazing Wealthy Affiliate community that offers support and guidance 24/7 .The other amazing feature,that is not emphasized enough,is the low cost of web hosting. If you have several website domains of your own,and sign up for the premium membership,the value of the free hosting of up to 25 websites, is a huge savings compared to what you would pay elsewhere.Your article is a good start. Look forward to the next one.

    1. Thanks Carlos. Your comments are noted. I will go through and try and include those points that you have identified. How long have you been around here at WA? Good to see. God bless.

  5. This is the best training program out there. You get training, tools, hosting and an online community willing to help you. You build your own website and learn all about affiliate marketing and get help any time you need it. Plus you can even make money with Wealthy affiliate with sitecomments and making your own training after being a memeber for three months or more. Such an awesome affiliate marketing training program.

    1. Absolute right! Wealthy Affiliate is too awesome to learn to become successful with online affiliate marketing. Every tools and support you need are all provided and you only need to get along with the training. May I ask you when did you join Wealthy Affiliate?

  6. Wealthy affiliate is a wonderful platform especially for newbies who are aspiring to create a successful online business. The founders Kyle and Carson are kind and are surrounded by many individuals who offer themselves to assist. The technical support is second to none. I think it is one of the best platform in the world.  

    1. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful platform and it is beginners friendly. You will find that the technical support and community support is awesome. And it is the cheapest online affiliate marketing training providers and is one of the best platform in the world as you have mentioned. How did you get to know about Wealthy Affiliate?

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